All past and livescore results are available from one single place

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There are two types of football websites: those which excel in providing a really complete list of past scores, and also those that are very good in giving results of live matches. But, what if there could be a site that could combine both amazing features? It turns out that this place exists, it is called 777score, and combines the best of the past scores websites, as well as the most important features of those which cover livescore results. But at the same time, 777score is capable of offering much more than simply those two features. There are many reasons for which millions around the world have become regular visitors of 777score. Some of them are summarized below:

  • The most popular tournaments in the world are covered, but also other leagues that have millions of passionate fans.
  • It is completely compatible with mobile devices.
  • People can create their own accounts for free, which allow them to customize their experience to an unprecedented level.

Many websites can already do these things, what makes 777score different?

This is an excellent question with an equally excellent answer. Of course, there are many football portals around the web that have been around for years, and have attracted millions of fans. However, they lack several features. Most of the time their weakest point is that their coverage is not that impressive. Yes, the most important tournaments are covered by those places. However, in the case of the competitions being played in other countries, sometimes they are covered not in a good manner, or not covered at all. Another thing that makes 777score different to its more direct competitors is that people can customize their experience. In practical terms, people are given the choice to create a totally free account. If they decide to do that, they will be asked whether they would like to be alerted when an important occurrence with a team that they like has taken place. For example, people will get in their emails a message when a player of said squad has scored a goal, or when an upcoming match is about to start. The mobile livescores results website is equally impressive. 777score does not have an application of its own. Instead, it has decided to focus all its efforts in creating an universally compatible and extremely reliable mobile platform, which is already one of the best in the entire Internet, and has managed to attract even more fans.